889T2P – Advance Dual Line Tensabarrier Post

Maximize Your Access Control and Crowd Management with a Double Belt Queue Post

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Queue Line Post with Two Retractable Belts

Two lines of webbing makes the 889T2P Advance Dual Line Tensabarrier® a safer and sturdier option for high traffic environments. The additional retractable webbing prevents people and children from ducking under the barrier tape to provide a robust queue management system.

Dual Line Tensabarrier Retractable Belt Stanchion

Construction: steel Weight: 25.5 lbs Height: 38″ Tube Dia.: 2.5″ Base Dia.: 14″ Belt Length: 7.5′ (13′ available) Belt Width: 2″ Finishes: Available in a full range of colors and finishes Belt Color: Choice of 8 colors and 4 preprinted safety messages



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