Traditional Tensabarrier

Traditional Tensabarrier Stanchion Barriers for Efficient Queue Lines
Stanchions in queue line

Traditional Tensabarrier retractable belt stanchions (with safe retractable belts) are the most popular and effective line management system, keeping your lines moving in a safe, orderly way.

  • Easy to set up
  • Enables quick changes to your line layout
  • Easy, efficient storage of posts
  • The industry standard for quality and design
  • A wide variety of post sizes and styles, and base options
  • Multiple colors and finishes available

Tensabarrier retractable belt barriers have established themselves as the industry standard for quality queue line belt barricades. With a wide range of stock post finishes and belt colors and messages, Tensabarrier belt stanchions have an answer to virtually every crowd control need. 


Our product specialists are experts in crowd control solutions and can guide you through any custom application you may have. Some common, custom requests are: 

  • specialty post finishes
  • logos or messages printed on belts
  • specialty color belts
  • custom sized belt stanchions

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