Some of the Industries we Serve

As one of the most important suppliers of line management equipment, The TAMIS Corporation, and its relationship with Lawrence Metal Products and Tensator can 
tailor specific products in unique configurations
 to best solve challenges in each of these industries.

  To do so requires not just the product, it requires experience within that industry. You have that experience with the Tamis sales and support team
who average 10 years with the company.

  Don’t waste time with inexperienced companies or vendors with limited solutions,
call your Tamis Specialist today.


The challenge for retail is abandonment in long lines.  Learn how to work around space limitations.


From Uber lines to bus stations, everyone is obligated to wait in an orderly manner.  That is where signage as well as posts contribute to fast and efficient boarding.


Redirecting pedestrians away from risky areas and alerting workers to avoid dangerous zones is a constant challenge. Utility options designed for outdoor use provide new applications for safety.


Changing the length of the line to match the increase or decrease in demand, provides efficiency to match staffing.  And more importantly, minimizes irritation by passengers while in line.


By controlling lines you assure only ticketed individuals have access. Smooth flowing lines keep patrons enthusiastic and spending more money.


Hospitals have lines from cafeterias to emergency rooms.  Done right they can improve the mood of patients. Of course correct design and signage is often crucial.


Keep tellers from being rushed, and customers happy with the flow of the line. Plus, you can add retail benefits to the line.


From student aid to book stores and sporting events, schools have diverse applications and limited funds.

Engaging a Tamis expert can help find the best solutions within those limitations.


Today every agency has lines not just for entry, for also for specific services within that department.  Good line management goes a long way to reduce impatience and speed throughput.


From security at metal detectors to buying the team hat, keeping patrons happy and spending money is a primary requirement, even at the bar. Plus you get advertising benefits.


Preventing accidents around equipment from careless workers and errant equipment is a constant challenge. The flexibility of belted systems provide quick adaptability as these situations change.


The very term, “hospitality,” implies safe, smooth people interaction when in reality,  there are always unique situations, not usually anticipated.  Flexible use of the right equipment means immediate and controlled response so patrons remain safe and content.


Obvious welcoming lines at restaurants encourage customers to wait instead of walk away. Catering large groups at buffet lines also need efficient line management.


Popular booths have just as much need for efficient lines as registration and catering. Adapting to short term needs at different locations are fast and easy with Tensabarrier.


Distribution centers can have many small but complex situations where warnings are required.  Tensator has adapted the belted system to this unique environment for effective solutions at minimal costs.