Custom Tensabarrier Posts

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Stock Options – Set Your Tensabarriers Apart by Customizing Them for Your Brand!

 Tensabarrier Dayton Flyers Custom Stanchion Post

While we pride ourselves on having the most stock post finishes and belt colors than any other retractable belt stanchion provider, we don’t want to stop there. If you have a creative vision in mind for your queue lines or belt barriers, we would love to make it a reality. Practically every part of a Tensabarrier stanchion can be customized – from to top of the post to the base it sits and and everything in between!

Custom Tensabarrier Options:

Branding on the Stanchion Top

When standing in a queue lined with retractable belt barriers, customers commonly look down at the head of the posts. This circular display typically displays the name of the manufacturer of the stanchion. This is invaluable real estate that can be utilized to advertise your brand or sponsor!

An eye-catching label would attract attention and remain in the memories of the customers waiting in your line. Use this space to advertise a new product, remind customers of your brand, or sell it to a sponsor and increase revenue. 

Custom Belt Printing

One of the most requested custom printing services we provide is branding on the retractable belt. Obviously, the retractable belt is the most prominent feature in a belt stanchion queue line. It is a simple procedure for us to screen print or dye sublimate a custom logo, design, or message on the belt.

Custom Belt Printing - Marvel

Get Any Logo, Message, Or Color Printed On The Retractable Belt

Post Color and Design

Custom Xbox Stanchion

The actual post of the belt barrier can also be customized. We offer stretch fabric sleeves that slide over the post that can be outfitted with printing. Also, a post wrap can be baked on to the post in a design you specify. Another option is fabricating a custom solid color post to match the design of the belt or event you are using it for.




Base Cover Options

Even the base of the stanchion can be customized! We can create base covers with your branding or design that slip over the existing base. These covers need to applied before assembling the stanchion.