889T2P Advance Dual Line Stanchion

Maximize Your Access Control and Crowd Management with a Double Belt Queue Post

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889T2P Advance Dual Line Queue Post with Retractable Belts

Two lines of webbing makes the 889T2P Advance Dual Line TensabarrierĀ® a safer and sturdier option for high-traffic environments. The additional retractable webbing prevents people and children from ducking under the barrier tape to provide a robust queue management system.

Construction: steel
Weight: 25.5 lbs
Height: 38″
Tube Dia.: 2.5″
Base Dia.: 14″
Belt Length: 7.5′ (13′ available)
Belt Width: 2″
Finishes: Available in a full range of colors and finishes
Belt Color: Choice of 8 colors and 4 preprinted safety messages

This ADA-compliant dual belt stanchion with double retractable belts makes it easy for you to maintain safety and manage crowd control in your facility or retail space, all while maintaining ADA compliance. This type of crowd control stanchion with twin retractable belts is a popular solution for safety stanchions,  security stanchions, traffic stanchions, queue barriers, airport stanchions, and a multitude of other crowd control barriers. A versatile solution for queue line formation, this twin belt barrier can construct even complex queue formations with belt attachment receivers for three other retractable belt connections. This feature makes our dual retractable belt barrier stanchion a popular choice for airport security lines. Designed for highly effective crowd control, our double belt barriers include other convenient features as well. The retractable belt post for instance includes a sturdy, but easily portable weighted base, providing stability for this portable stanchion. Rubber protectors prevent these stanchion barriers from damaging the floors of your event space or business. 



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