In-Queue Merchandising System

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In-Queue Merchandising System

In-Queue Merchandising System from Tensator is a highly adaptable, modular, point of purchase system specifically designed for placement in front of the point of sale to capture last minute impulse purchase revenues from waiting customers. All systems are completely customizable to any environment and branding requirements and will create an immediate return on investment.

Slatwall Panel

Slatwall panels slide into posts to create the borders of the aisles for your line. These panels accommodate shelving, baskets and bowls which contain products that your customers can peruse, and buy, while they are waiting in line.

  • These wood panels slide into posts to create an in-queue merchandising aisle. Dimensions are 38 inches high by 48 inches wide, with single- or double-sided options available.

Snap Frames for In Queue Panels

Specifically engineered by our experienced retail designers to take up no more floor space than a conventional queue management system, IQM™ transforms previously wasted or dead queuing space into valuable retail space.

  • Convert waiting time into extended shopping time – boost impulse sales by up to 400%
  • Increase margins by up to 30% – turn queue flow into cash flow
  • Improve navigation and dramatically reduce customer walk-aways by up to 96%
  • Aid customer guidance and create space division for clear queuing systems
  • Increase customer satisfaction and deepen loyalty

Snap Frames attach to the slatwall panels of your in-queue merchandising set-up. These frames, which can be placed on the outside of the panels, give you advertising space for your logos or messages, enabling you to brand your line space.

  • Attach these Snap Frames to the outside of your in-line panels to gain advertising space for your logo or message. Dimensions are: Length: 24.125 inches; Width: 36.125 inches; Depth: 1 inch.

Merchandising Shelves for Slatwalls

These shelves attach to your Slatwall panels to hold your point-of-purchase merchandise. Solid silver display shelves, CD/DVD display shelves, and deep wire shelves are available.

  • Merchandising shelves are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of products.  Display products of different sizes on shelves sized ideally to most attractively display your point-of-purchase products to the customers waiting in your lines.
  • Merchandising Shelves