Post Top Writing Surface


Post Top Writing Surface

This flat surface attaches to the top of Tensabarrier posts and gives the perfect place for customers to fill out forms, place their purses and drinks to find a form they may need or even a place to place additional forms and branding. This adds convenience for customers waiting in your lines and allows them to use the time waiting to ready themselves to be more efficient when they reach the front of the line. A well-organized line with writing surfaces can allow people to get through your lines faster and for your employees to help more customers faster.  At the end of the day, your customers and your employees will be happy and feel cared about.  Your office will show that you care and that you anticipate the needs of your customers.  Most frequently, post tops are used by customers as a writing surface upon which they can fill out forms or other paperwork. Customers can also temporarily put down items on top of this surface.


  • Brand Name Tensabarrier
    Height 1.5 inches
    Included Components Surface
    Item Diameter 12.00 inches
    Item Weight 4.00 pounds
    Length 12.0 inches

      • If you need additional traditional stanchions, please visit’s

    stanchion page.


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