Dispersed Virtual Queue Management

With this virtual queue management system, there is no physical line. When they arrive, customers receive a ticket which tells them of their position in the queue and their expected wait time. They are free to browse, relax or watch media on screens while they wait. When the next operator is free, the customer is called forward for service.



When a customer enters a branch they take a ticket from the dispenser for their intended service, alternatively, if the equipment is linked to the organization’s database, the customer can use an ID card or personal code on the touch screen as identification. At this point, the customer is able to select the service they require allowing them to be put directly in the queue, and directed to a specialist member of staff. Once the ticket is dispensed, the customer is free to browse, relax, or watch corporate TV. Dispersed Virtual Queue Management allows customers to hold their checkout place while they can still shop and not have to just wait in a line.

The ticket can inform the customer of their position within the queue, the time and date of entry, and if required the expected waiting time.

When the next available operator is free, the customer is called for service.

Dispersed Virtual Queue Management


  • Web-based solution
  • Ticket dispensers
  • Media management for call panels
  • Customizable management reporting
  • Appointments
  • Vocal announcement
  • Email alerts
  • CRM integration
  • Centralized or distributed architecture
  • Multiple languages

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