ESD Mini Wall Mounted Barrier

These easy to install units are simple to use and perfect for use in airports, multiplex theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, banks or anywhere that floor space is limited. Available with 7.5’ belt or with a 13’ belt.

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ESD Mini Wall Mounted Barrier for Compact Belt Usage

An ESD Mini Wall Mounted Barrier is a perfect solution for situations where a flexible retractable barrier is required without taking up floor space. Used in a variety of settings including airports, multiplex theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, and banks. The 897 features a 15’ belt making it ideal for applications that require a longer belt.

  • Belt length available: 7.5 ft and 15 ft belt 
  • A variety of mounting options are available to suit different applications – all are easy to install
  • A full range of cap colors are available

“ESD Protected Area” belts warn about potential dangers from electrostatic discharge 

Electrostatic Discharge [ESD] can damage electrical components and products. All high-tech factories are vulnerable to this problem as ESD damage can adversely affect the production process, quality, and product reliability, which ultimately may negatively impact your business’s reputation and profits.

To avoid such a situation, EPAs or ESD Protected Areas are established to effectively control ESD

An EPA needs to be identified as such. You can use this wall-mounted barrier with ‘ESD Protected Area’ on the belt to draw attention to the protected area and communicate it clearly to personnel and visitors.


If you need other wall-mounted barriers, please look at our wall-mounted barriers page.

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