Save floor space by using wall-mounted retractable barriers. These easy to install units are perfect for use in airports, multiplex theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, banks or anywhere that floor space is limited. Available with 7.5’ belt or with a 13’ belt.

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There Are a Variety of Belt Lengths, Ends, and Styles Available for the 896 Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier

Our wall mounted retractable belt stanchions come with a selection of two belt sizes; 7’6” or 13’. Thanks to its black powdered metal body, it looks superbly elegant and can be easily mounted on any structure. This can include walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves – virtually anywhere! 

There are four different stanchion belt ends to choose from Standard, Magnetic, Panic Break and Wire Clip.

Furthermore, stanchion belts are available in a variety of colors as well as with the most commonly required messages for facilities such as hospitals, airports or building parking lots. All printed messages are displayed on both sides of the belt.

A Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier is the Ideal Solution When Space is Limited

Wall-mounted retractable barriers provide a space-saving method of controlling crowds and protecting restricted areas. A traditional stanchion requires floor space that isn’t always available. By using a wall-mounted retractable barrier you get the same effective guidance without a floor footprint for areas like hallways, doorways and stairways. 

Wall stanchions are highly popular because once you’ve installed them on the wall they can instantly restrict access to an area and then once ready, they blend into the wall almost unnoticed. 

Unlike traditional stanchions, these wall stanchions allow you to mount retractable belts directly to your walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves giving you far more control over smaller spaces that require restrictions.

Often these wall barriers are placed to control pedestrian traffic flow and restrict access on an as-required basis in these smaller areas. 

Features and Benefits of the Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier

  • These wall stanchions are available in three different mounting options: Standard, Magnetic and Removable
  • Belt lengths are available in 7′ 6″ or 13′ belt extension lengths
  • 3 belt ends are available: Standard, Magnetic, and Panic Break
  • Belts are available in a wide range of colors and with printed messages too
  • All printed messages are printed on both sides of the webbing
  • Patented Tensator centrifugal braking system
  • No minimum order quantities
  • An 898 Wall Receiver is included with standard and panic break belt ends

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