Queueway Plus Economy Stanchions

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Queueway Plus Economy Retractable Belt Stanchions

If you are looking for a lower priced queuing solution, we recommend our new Queueway Plus Economy Stanchions. Unlike the competitors’ economy stanchion, the Queueway Plus stanchion has a 10 ft belt rather than a 7’6″ belt.  

With a huge array of extra-long stanchion belt options, these economy stanchions deliver a great crowd control solution at an affordable price. The term “crowd control” has no simple definition- guiding people in a bank, directing a huge swarm towards the arena at a concert, managing huge lines at an airport, or watching over children in a school, all come within the domain of crowd control.

Yet, a simple retractable belt stanchion offers a multitude of solutions to keep people in check and prevent potentially dangerous situations such as a stampede.


Queueway Plus Economy Stanchion

Other Economy Models


7’6″ Belt Length 10 Ft. Belt Length
1 -2 Post Finishes

4 Post Finishes 

Queueway Plus Post Finishes

2 – 4 Belt color options Almost 50 Belt Options
No Custom Option Custom Printing Available
Only works with same brand posts Universal Cassette Clip  Connects to all Industry Standard Posts

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Features and benefits:

  • Comes with a built-in braking system for slow & safe belt retraction
  • Locking belt end to prevent accidental belt release
  • Rubber floor protector for protection against floor scuffing
  • Assemble in seconds without tools
  • 6 post finishes are available
  • Almost 50 belt colors and messages are available 
  • Full 10’ (3.05 m) heavy-duty woven polyester belt length
  • Universal Cassette Clip – Connects to all industry-standard posts
  • Compatible with Queueway and Tensabarrier sign holders 
  • Stanchions are sold in sets of 2
  • Stanchion Dimensions: 
    • Height: 40″
    • Belt Length: 10′



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