Tensabarrier Safety Barrier SFT 888

  • Vibrant mild steel post
  • Ensures safety messaging visibility
  • Strong physical barrier
  • Protects from dangerous areas
  • Modular cassette design
  • Four-point anti-tamper connection
  • Centrifugal braking system
  • Safest retractable belt barrier
  • Accommodates accessories
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888 Safety Barrier Post by Tensabarrier 

The 888 Tensabarrier Safety barrier with contrasting mild steel tube and stanchion head offer the high visibility needed from a safety barrier to ensure restricted access. Specifically designed for use in industrial applications within the health and safety sector. The mild steel, retractable webbing post is designed to improve visual safety within warehouses, logistics centers, and factories.

The Tensabarrier SFT 888 retractable belt stanchion is one of the safest belt stanchions on the market. It includes a patented braking system that slows the retraction of the webbing. This eliminates the risk of an accident within your queue or while preventing access to specific areas.  

Tensabarrier 888 Safety Barrier Post With Yellow Post Finish And Esd Protected Belt

Tensabarrier 888 Safety Post With Esd Protected Area Belt

Why choose the 888 Safety Tensabarrier Barrier

  • Mild steel post available in yellow or red powder coat finish with black stanchion head draws attention to health and safety messaging in webbing belts
  • Solid physical barrier; perfect for protecting people form dangerous areas
  • Modular cassette design offering four-point anti-tamper connection
  • Patented Tensator centrifugal breaking system making it the safest retractable belt barrier
  • Accommodates a full range of accessories

Stanchions and Other Accessories for Safety and Warehouse Applications

We offer Tensabarrier stanchions with retractable belts, wall-mounted belt barricades, and other accessories. The accessories, like the barriers, are specifically designed to increase safety and awareness in warehouse situations. These belt stanchions typically come in safety yellow, red, or orange finishes to increase visibility and provide a visual barrier around hazardous areas. 

Safety Tensabarrier stanchions are often bought with a black and yellow or magenta and yellow chevron belt for even more visibility. For specific safety applications, these stanchion belts may be printed with one of our stock belt messages such as “CAUTION – DO NOT ENTER” or DANGER – KEEP OUT”

For even more specific messages – custom-printed safety stanchion belts are available with any message or image you need to help secure your warehouse. 

If space is an issue, we also offer Tensabarrier Safety Wall Mounted Units. These can be permanent or temporary mounted to section off whole aisles at a time.

If you are searching for a different stanchion, please visit our other pages.


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