Stanchions and Other Accessories for Warehouse Safety

We offer Tensabarrier stanchions with retractable belts, wall mounted belt barricades, and other accessories specifically designed to increase safety and awareness in warehouse situations. These belt stanchions typically come in safety yellow, red, or orange finishes to increase visibility and provide a visual barrier around hazardous areas.

Safety Tensabarrier stanchions are often bought with a black and yellow or magenta and yellow chevron belt for even more visibility. For specific safety applications, these stanchion belts may be printed with one of our stock belt messages such as “CAUTION – DO NOT ENTER” or DANGER – KEEP OUT”

For even more specific messages – custom printed safety stanchion belts are available with any message or image you need to help secure your warehouse.

If space is an issue, we also offer Tensabarrier Safety Wall Mounted Units. These can be permanently or temporary mounted to section off whole aisles at a time.

Tensabarrier Stanchions for Warehouse Safety

Tensabarrier Warehouse Safety Wall Mounted Barriers

Midi Plus Wall Mount with 6″ Wide Belt

897 Extra Wide Belt

Concealed Mini Wall Mount

Concealed Wall Mount

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