886T2 Heavy Duty Dual Line Post

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Double Retractable Belt Utility and Safety Stanchion Post

The 886T2 Heavy Duty Dual Line Tensabarrier® contains two lines of retractable webbing. The additional retractable webbing prevents people and children from ducking under the barrier tape to provide a robust saftey barrier system. This stanchion is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and incorporates all the 886 Tensabarrier® Heavy Duty safety barrier quality features. When not in use we recommend storing the Tensbarrier® indoors.

886T2 Dual Line Retractable Belt Safety Posts

Why to choose an 886T2 Heavy Duty Dual Line Tensabarrier®?

Tensabarrier 886T2 Heavy Duty Dual Line Retractable Belt Safety Post

  • Second line of retrarctable belts prevents people from entering restricted areas
  • Hard wearing base can be walked on or driven over and will still retain its shape, making it ideal for use in warehouses, loading bays, construction sites and manufacturing facilities
  • Stanction and base can be detached from one another; making them easy to store
  • Solid physical barrier; perfect for protecting people form dangerous areas
  • Modular cassette design offering four-point anti-tamper connection
  • Patented Tensator centrifugal breaking system making it the safest retractable belt barrier system
  • Accommodates a full range of Tensabarrier® accessories



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