Tensacone Toppers turn your traffic cones into retractable belt barriers. The topper mounts over most standard traffic cones. Connecting multiple cones with the retractable belts, you can convert any area in which traffic cones are utilized into a no access zone.

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Tensacone Toppers are a lightweight, retracting belt unit that attaches on top of almost all types of traffic orange cones. Conical cones by themselves cannot provide the same level of protection as a series of cones connected together with retractable belts from a topper on the cone.

Simple cones can become impressive barriers with the cone topper

Tc114 Tensacone Tensabarrier Cone TopperCones are frequently used to indicate lane boundaries during road construction and accidents. They are commonly used to define spaces in parking lots too. If you have noticed orange safety cones, they’re lightweight and can easily be removed, leading to confusion and chaos.

For situations like these, a traffic cone topper comes in very handy, as it comes with a retractable belt that, when connected to another similar topper on another traffic cone, forms a stronger barrier than just placing a few cones.

Eliminate traffic delays during peak hours

During peak hours, congested highways can be a nightmare, especially if one of them breaks down or worse, there is an accident. At such times, the best solution is to create a seamless emergency barrier by connecting a  few cones together using cone toppers so that other drivers can navigate quickly and safely. 

Features and benefits of TC114 Tensacone Toppers

  • Rugged, abrasion-resistant plastic construction
  • 4-way connectivity
  • Equipped with a patented centrifugal braking system for effortless belt retraction
  • Belt end locking prevents unintentional belt release
  • 4 belt ends available – Stand, Panic Break, Wire Clip, and Magnetic
  • Heavy-duty woven nylon belts are available in 2 sizes- 7’6” and 13’
  • Belts are available in a number of finishes
  • Messages and logos can be digitally or screen printed on the belt and the unit
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Unit Dimensions: 
    • Height: 9 inches
    • Length: 16 inches
    • Width: 2.5 inches
    • Color finish: Orange
    • Belt Width: 2 inches
    • Belts Length: 7.6 feet, 13 feet
    • Weight: 3lbs


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