I was paroozing the internet today looking at ways to boost your customer’s impulse purchases when I stumbled upon Barbara Thau’s post , “‘Buy Me!’ 7 Ways Stores Get You to Make an Impulse Purchase“.  Her statistic, 9 out of 10 customers make a purchase that they did not intend to make when shopping, caught my eye.  That is an impressive statistic.  Exposing your customers to the opportunity of impulse purchases is a given, what Barbara drive home is the WAY you can expose your customers to that opportunity.

Two of her seven are ideally implemented in your checkout queue although you can probably take elements of all seven.

Color Coordinating Displays – We all know that color can make a huge impression on us human beings.  Try testing your line queue with complimentary color combinations and see what kind of impact it was on impulse buys.

Quick Before Its Too Late Messages! – Offer promotions in the queue that make people want to buy more!  Buy two items and save 30%, Buy one get one free, etc.

I highly recommend any retailer to read her entire post!