MST Full-Height Turnstile

  • Best in class security
  • Designed for long term continuous usage
  • One-to-one passage control deters tailgating
  • Great looking product, regardless of finish
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
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Maximum Security MST Full-Height Turnstile that Cuts No Corners!

Employee Access and Visitor Management

Integrating the MST full-height turnstile into your facility is quick and easy. The MST integrates with virtually any access control or visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers.

A dedicated fire system input is provided and passage outputs can be monitored to validate passage after activation, or to provide accurate people counting. Therefore, the result is a tandem full height turnstile security solution that thousands of facilities worldwide rely on for superior access control and visitor management.

MST Full-Height Turnstile Key Features:

  • Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems
  • Flexible credential reader attachment options allows use of existing readers familiar to users
  • Dedicated fire input and various other available I/O
  • Override controls for operational flexibility
  • Easily change turnstile passage mode
  • Welded steel construction with no exposed bolts or fasteners
  • Stainless steel top channel cover provided regardless of finish
  • High quality sealed and covered bearings
  • Splined connection between the rotating section and  top channel assembly provides a precision fit that minimizes play
  • Full-featured turnstile controller protects against electrical surges and is conformal coated to enhance weatherization protection
  • Suitable for outdoor environments
  • Dozens of options and several finishes available

Added Benefits for MST Standard Full-Height Turnstile:

  • Best in class security
  • Designed for long term continuous usage
  • One-to-one passage control deters tailgating
  • Great looking product, regardless of finish
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Built-in Safety

    MST full height turnstiles provide secure and safe operation. Each rotating section has built-in speed control that controls the arm rotation speed by self-adjusting to the user’s pushing force. Even when a user pushes hard on the turnstile arms, the speed of the arm rotation is controlled. This increases safety and reduces the chance of a rapidly spinning rotating section catching a user’s heel. In addition to controlling the rotation speed, the tandem full height turnstile’s speed control also greatly reduces kickback toward the user at the conclusion of the rotation.

    After each passage, the rotating section smoothly returns to the home position and locks in place, ready for the next user. The unique cam design of the MSTT also makes it mechanically impossible for a user to get locked inside the turnstile.

    In secured applications, the MST full-height turnstile is typically configured for fail-lock in the entrance direction and fail-safe in the exit direction. Accordingly, when power is removed from the turnstile this prevents people from entering but allows personnel to exit. Other ordering options are available and changing between fail-lock and fail-safe is easily accomplished in the field. A dedicated input for fire systems also provides free egress in the event of emergencies.

    Finally, all weather arm and heel pads are available to slip over select arms on the rotating sections of the tandem full height turnstile for additional safety.

    Key Features:

    • Speed control provides a safe, controlled rotation and smoothly self-centers rotating arms
    • Anti-entrapment design
    • Free egress in emergencies or loss of power
    • Optional heel/arm guards for select rotating section arms


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