EDC Waist High Turnstiles

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Waist-High Turnstiles

Unsurpassed entrance and flow control

EDC waist high turnstiles come in manual and electric lock control versions. All models have standard features that are expensive options on competing products.

Electric models provide bi-directional access control in conjunction with an access control system, or any device that can provide a dry contact output (such as a push button). Waist high turnstiles can be configured as either fail-safe or fail lock. When provided an “unlock” signal, the turnstile unlocks, allowing a single rotation in the requested direction. Upon completion of the rotation, the turnstile locks in the home position ready for the next activation. After rotation, EDC waist high turnstiles send a rotation signal that notifies the access control system that a passage has occurred. Card readers are easily integrated with the turnstile, mounted either on top of or underneath the lid. Optional user LED notification lights communicate the status of presented credentials to users.

Manual models are primarily used for pedestrian flow control and/or patron counting. For patron counting applications, each rotation activates a non-contact proximity switch which sends an output to an incremental counter installed in the turnstile cabinet. Counts can also be sent to Alvarado’s GateWatch facility counting software, or other products that can provide counting of entering or exiting patrons.

Both electric lock and manual versions have key locks on the underside of the interior facia that allow passage directions to be changed from locked to unlocked, or from controlled passage to free passage on electric models.

Key Features:

  • Electric lock control and manual models
  • Reliable turnstile controller provides significant surge and lightning protection
  • Fail-safe or fail lock operation (electric models)
  • Suitable for counting applications
  • Low maintenance

Added Benefits:

  • Features and options for all waist high turnstile applications
  • Controlled rotation is safe for users and minimizes banging and over-travel
  • Various options for patron counting


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