Impulse Towers

This stand-alone Impulse Tower features four merchandising bowls. You can place it anywhere in your store to put various point-of-purchase products in front of your customers.


Impulse Towers For Point Of Purchase Sales

Place stand-alone Impulse Towers strategically throughout your store to increase your utilization of sales space and place small point-of-purchase products in your customers’ sight-lines. Each unit features four polycarbonate bowls (13 inches in diameter, 6 inches in depth) which can easily be re-stocked with new products. These bowls are perfect for small items that may get lost in merchandising your retail space.  They attract customers to buy unique, new items that they may miss otherwise. You can fill it with small bottles of hand sanitizer, chewing gum, individual snacks, hand warmers, batteries, sample packets of food, wet wipes, key chains, small toys, and other like sized items. Because they are stand alone, you can put them in places that see heavy foot traffic without them getting in the way.

Technical Specification:

  • 20%+ uplift in sales

  • Stand alone impulse fixture

  • High capacity with a small footprint

  •  Scratch resistant polycarbonate

  • Heavy weight cast iron base for stability

  • Height (In.) 49 in

  • Length (In.) 13 in

  • Color Polished Chrome

  • Bowl Dia. (In.) 13 in

  • Includes (4) Transparent Bowls

  • ADA Compliant Yes


Impulse Tower Filled


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