The retractable belt mechanism in the popular Tensabarrier portable post and retractable belt line management system for crowd management is based on a patented seat belt retractor. It defers from the system we, Tamis Corporation, use in our stanchions on

The 1998 patent, which the inventors assigned to Tensator Limited, detailed a seat belt retractor which presented a relatively low tension when the seat belt was actually in use, but which applied sufficient tension to the seat belt when it was being wound onto the retractor.

The patent described the specifications for the retractor’s spring, gear arrangement, pawl, release lever, and more. When these same specifications are applied to a retractable belt system which is part of a portable post queuing system for line management, the result is a safe, efficient belt.

Crowd control stanchions contain a powerful constant force spring used to retract the belt. Tensabarrier’s patented braking system for its retractable belts slows the retraction of the webbing, eliminating the risk of an accident. This unique braking system incorporates twin brake shoes. This slow retract technology allows the webbing to fall to the floor upon release and then slowly and safely retract back into the post.

The anti-tamper tape end means that you have to actually press the button to release the tape end connected to the post, preventing accidental release of the webbing by customers in a line. The Tensabarrier also has one of the best topple angles on the market, at over 30 degrees.

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