Crowd Control Stanchions from Tensabarrier

Crowd Control Stanchions for Efficient Line Queuing and Crowd Management

Retractable belt barriers have been one of the standard tools for indoor crowd control stanchion barriers. This is mainly due to how portable and simple they are to setup and move. Also, due to the Tensabarrier’s four direction head, it is very easy to configure your queue line in the exact way you need it.

Tensabarrier has been the most requested brand of crowd control stanchions for the past two decades. Due to our vast innovations in product design, our customer’s have come to expect a superior level of quality unmatched by competitors.

Our Featured Crowd Control Stanchions

890 Slimline Retractable Belt Tensabarrier

890 Slim Belt Stanchion

The 890 Tensabarrier post was specifically designed for the American market. We took the standard thicker post and made it a sleek and slim 2″ diameter. We offer this design in several post finishes such as classic black, polished stainless steel, and satin bronze. Pair these options with our many stock belt colors and messages to achieve the optimal design in your queue line.

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889 Standard Retractable Belt Tensabarrier

889 Advance

Our 889 Tensabarrier post is one of the most requested models of crowd control stanchions on the market today. It has the standard 2.5″ diameter post as well as a 7’6″ belt. If you need a longer belt we also offer a 13 foot long option. This stanchion post is commonly used in banks, retail stores, airports, and other indoor facilities where large amounts of people gather. We also offer a wide array of accessories such as signs and merchandising tools designed for use with the 889 Tensabarrier stanchion.

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875 Popular Plastic Retractable Belt Tensabarrier

875 Popular

If you need something slightly more utilitarian while still maintaining an attractive appearance, we recommend our 875 Popular Tensabarrier post. Unlike the other metal crowd control stanchions, the 875 Popular Tensabarrier is available in four colorful colors. It is manufactured from reinforced PVC plastic designed for durability. 


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885 Outdoor Utility Retractable Belt Tensabarrier

885 Outdoor

A step above our plastic model, the 885 Tensabarrier crowd control stanchions are designed with outdoor applications in mind. Commonly used at public pools, warehouse docks, and light construction site, these stanchions can withstand heavy use and maintain durability. The grey bottom base can be filled with water or sand for increased stability.

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Marine Post Retractable Belt Tensabarrier

Marine Post

For the most heavy duty and weather resistant crowd control stanchions on the market – look no further than our Marine Application Post! Tested under the harshest conditions, this retractable belt barricade is designed to withstand the elements. Common uses are on commercial cruise ships as well as anywhere where the posts would be in regular contact with precipitation or moisture.

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