Steel Barriers for Crowd Control

Crowd control barricades, which clearly establish line space, or block off restricted areas, are ideal for events at which larger crowds gather. They act as portable railings to direct visitors, and serve as a physical and psychological barrier that deters crowds from entering restricted areas. Hot dip galvanization ensures that barriers will remain rust-free in outdoor settings.


Not a Commodity Steel Barriers

Blockader® steel barriers are ruggedly designed for durability and stability. While you can look at barricades from different manufacturers and they all appear the same, many manufacturers take shortcuts in workmanship to deliver a more cost competitive product.  You, the end user suffers when the barricade you purchase with the intention of lasting years, only lasts months.  With Blockader, you can be sure that the product you are purchasing is made from heavy gauge, high quality, hot dipped frames.

Go beyond simple crowd control

Steel barricades also offer a unique branding/sponsorship opportunity for companies and events with Barrier Jackets.  These heavy duty vinyl barricade covers are designed to fit snugly over the barricade and are available in a variety of stock colors.  Custom screen printing or process printing is available.

Metal barriers have long been preferred by security personnel and administrators for crowd control. In crowd management planning, they work closely with police and other government bodies to enforce a physical and subliminal barrier, designate no-access zones, and direct protesters to appropriate areas.

The crowd control barricades are most effective when they are interlocked using the inbuilt hooks, creating long and strong lines of barriers almost impossible to breach.

Steel barricades come in two types of feet:

  • Bridge Feet
  • Flat Feet 

The bridge feet barrier is the most stable option, particularly in uneven terrain like a grassy area.

While flat-foot steel barricades have a lower profile than bridge foot barriers, they are perfect for outdoor areas such as asphalt roads, concrete paths, and even indoor spaces like a sporting arena.

In order to prevent abrasions on the floor, both the flat feet and the bridge are padded with rubber inserts.


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