Plastic Crowd Control Stanchions

This plastic post, available in four colors, is designed to be used with plastic chain, and is ideal for either outdoor or indoor settings. The base can be filled with sand or water for extra stability.

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Plastic crowd control stanchions instantly control crowd flow

Crowds can be controlled and directed surprisingly easily with just a few well-placed plastic crowd control stanchions. The 2” diameter plastic stanchions effectively keep crowds in check, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Lightweight for easy moving + Refillable base adds much-needed stability 

These stanchions are high quality but also lightweight allowing for easy travel and storage. However, when you arrive at the location to use your stanchions, you can fill the base with sand or water for added weight and stability. 

Highest quality stanchions will stand up to harsh elements 

These lightweight queue stanchions are made from top-quality high-density polyethylene. That means they’re among the strongest types of plastic stanchions on the market. They’re also coated with UV inhibitors so that they don’t crack or break even after extended outdoor use.

Features and benefits of these popular plastic crowd control stanchions

  • Crowd control solution that works indoors and outdoors
  • 2.5” diameter post, 41” tall above the ground
  • For use with 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ stanchion chains
  • Useful as a temporary barricade around common areas such as school campuses, waiting areas, playgrounds, attraction lines, and more
  • Stanchion bases are hollow and lightweight, allowing for easy transportation
  • The refillable base can be filled with sand, gravel or water to enhance stability
  • There are four pieces to each stanchion: a ball top, a base, a pole, and C-hooks


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