Stanchion Belt Selection

Custom Print Belts

TensabarrierOnline offers a variety of belt colors and types for your crowd control stanchions. A very popular option is having your belt custom printed. There are two options with custom printed stanchion belts: Screen Printed and Dye-sublimation. Both types of printing has its uses. Retractable belts are specifically designed to organize an area and control the flow of pedestrian traffic in one manner or another. This allows a very unique branding opportunity for your company. There are also a variety of pre-printed belts with standard messaging available. To learn more about our line of printed retractable belts call us today.

Warning / Utility Belts

Often time various industries utilize colors in very specific ways to warn and deter people. We offer a range of Chevron Belts that will help your company set up visual barriers to help protect employees and the other pedestrian in the area.

Standard Stanchion Belts

A wide range of belt colors are available as a standard part of each stanchion you purchase.  Below is a reference chart for Solid Color Stanchion Belts and some of the Stripped Belts:

Stock Printed Belts

To accommodate a wide range of applications, we have a variety of belts that are pre-printed and ready for shipment.  Here is a list of our pre- printed messages:

  • Authorized Access Only – White on Red Belt (RAX)
  • Caution – Do Not Enter – White on Red Belt (RGX)
  • Caution – Do Not Enter – Black on Yellow Belt (YAX)
  • Cleaning in Progress – Black on Yellow Belt (YCX)
  • Danger – Do Not Enter – White on Red Belt (RIX)
  • Danger – Keep Out – White on Red Belt (RHX)
  • Danger – Keep Out – Black on Yellow (YDX)
  • No Entry – White on Red (RBX)
  • Out of Service – Black on Yellow (YEX)
  • Please Wait Here – Black on White (BCX)
  • This Lane Closed – Black on White (BDX)