SLQ3000 Single Line Queuing System

The SLQ3000 single-line electronic queuing system enables you to serve your customers in the fairest, fastest way, by serving them in the order they arrive. Customers are called to the next available check-out station whenever a cashier presses a button.

Central Display Units provide information to customers at the head of the line, while multi-media presentations can be played to enhance the customers’ waiting experience.

This electronic single line queuing system can speed up customer flow by up to 25%, and reduce walkaways by up to 96%.


What is Single Line Queuing?

FEATURES OF SLQ3000 Line Queuing System

  • Standard LCD Central Display Unit is 23” widescreen
  • Static, flashing or scrolling messages available for display on the CDU in single or multiple colours
  • Wide range of audio messages available
  • Screen, colors, graphics and content are all configurable
  • Choice of static or active LED, or LCD Positional Display units (PDU)
  • Software enables the use of digital media, from animated characters to full broadcast quality movies
  • Precisely control what messages are displayed to your customers with the use of remote scheduling and media queuing
  • Can service up to 24 positions

BENEFITS OF SLQ3000 Single Line Queuing

Tensator’s electronic queuing system for single line queue helps you to increase revenues by:

  • Serving customers in the order they queue, improving queue management and providing operational efficiencies
  • Offering split screen functionality with combined media and call forwarding – media acts as additional revenue stream
  • Reducing walk-aways by 96%
  • Increasing customer flow up to 25%
  • Improving staff utilization and transactions per employee
  • Eliminating “wrong queue” frustration
  • Creating in-queue merchandising opportunities


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