Stanchion Belt Selection


TensabarrierOnline offers a variety of belt colors and types for your crowd control stanchions.  A very popular option is having your belt custom printed.  There are two options with custom printed stanchion belts : Screen Printed and Dye-sublimation.  Both types of printing has its uses. Retractable belts are specifically designed to organize an are and control the flow of pedestrian traffic in one manner or another.  This allows a very unique branding opportunity for your company. There are also a variety of pre-printed belts with standard messaging available.  To learn more about our line of printed retractable belts call us today.


Often time various industries utilize colors in very specific ways to warn and deter people. We offer a range of Chevron Belts that will help your company set up visual barriers to help protect employees and the other pedestrian in the area.


A wide range of belt colors are available as a standard part of each stanchion you purchase.  Below is a reference chart for Solid Color Stanchion Belts: We also offer a range of stripped belts:


To accommodate a wide range of applications, we have a variety of belts that are pre-printed and ready for shipment.  Here is a list of our pre- printed messages  :

  • Authorized Access Only – White on Red Belt (RAX)
  • Caution – Do Not Enter – White on Red Belt (RGX)
  • Caution – Do Not Enter – Black on Yellow Belt (YAX)
  • Cleaning in Progress – Black on Yellow Belt (YCX)
  • Danger – Do Not Enter – White on Red Belt (RIX)
  • Danger – Keep Out – White on Red Belt (RHX)
  • Danger – Keep Out – Black on Yellow (YDX)
  • No Entry – White on Red (RBX)
  • Out of Service – Black on Yellow (YEX)
  • Please Wait Here – Black on White (BCX)
  • This Lane Closed – Black on White (BDX)
Learn more about our retractable belt stanchions and crowd control systems by calling us or submitting a request for information.